Efficient DSA Preparation using LCNotion Automation

Efficient DSA Preparation using LCNotion Automation

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I recently wrote an article about how to improve the quality of your DSA preparation. You can check that article out here. But that takes some time and effort from you every day to keep your notion up to date. In this post, we're going to automate the process using Vercel and GitHub Actions.


  • A Leetcode account (link)

  • A Notion account (link)

  • A GitHub account (link)

  • A Vercel account (link)

  • Have read the DSA preparation using Leetcode and Notion post (link)


  1. Fork this repo: LC_Notion

  2. Go to settings.

  1. Go to Environments.

  2. Add a new Environment with the name Production.

  3. Click on Configure environment and add secret.

  4. Add a secret by the name of ACCESS_TOKEN . Write the username and password you'd like to use in Value in the given format "username":"password" . You can use anything for your username and password (just keep it safe as we'll need it in step 9).

  5. Click on Add secret and we're done with the GitHub part. Let's head over to Vercel. Click on create a new project.

  6. Import the repository you forked.

  7. Last step! add the environment variables

    AUTH_USERNAME & AUTH_PASSWORD are the username and password that you put in GitHub environment secrets in step 6. LC_USERNAME is your Leetcode username. You can look up the precursor article(link) for PERSONAL_DB_ID & PERSONAL_NOTION_TOKEN .

    Click on Deploy.


The Notion page will be updated every 8 hours. All the smart work is done for you when it comes to DSA preparation, all you need to do now is hard work.
Leetcode & chill.

Good luck with your interviews!

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